Basta believe me…masarap.

Posted: October 1, 2012 in kumakain din ako

I’m back! I’ll be starting with a food post for a change. You see, since June, I’ve been hanging out with the yayas and lolas in the “posh” Bgy. Salapan area in San Juan where my son is enrolled. Tired of making tambay in the nearby sari-sari store drinking Coke sakto and munching on Kirei crackers, my cousin and I took an adventure and drove to nearby UERM where we tried this authentic Japanese hole-in-the-wall resto.

I found out about this resto from my cousin’s FB wall and got curious. She’s been raving about it and told me that it was recommended by a japanese friend. Sounds good to me!

Anyways off to Yutaka Azukaya we go. My cousin has been a good shadow teacher to Dylan so I treated her to a tonkatsu plate, miso soup (same for me). Na excite kami sa Cali Maki so we ordered the 8 pc.plate. I was ready to swipe my card but when the bill arrived I was charged P400++ lang!

And no, this is not a Tokyo Tokyo nor  a Teriyaki boy kind of resto. Think Little Tokyo pero in San Juan area nga lang. Authentic talaga sya and seeing Japanese patrons is a good sign, right? Servings are decent, sashimi /sushi selection are fresh. I so love this resto that I’ve been there for 4times already(started August). I’m no foodie  but lamon levels ako pag kumakain dito so I guess masarap  talaga. Like I mentioned, I’m no foodie so ibig sabihin wala ako food pics. Yikes! Sorry but it’s such a good place that I just have to post it. Haha.

Oh I have one pala, posted it in my Instagram pero facade nga lang.

Sorry for this lousy post, basta try it! Anyways here are some links from bloggers para may idea kayo.

warning yummy food pics here.

here’s their website :

Try googling this place and you’ll find positive reviews.


My son drinks milk like a fish so our unscheduled supermarket trips have been more frequent lately. I secretly look forward to buying emergency milk because it gives me alone time to shop and look for interesting finds without having to worry about my son’s tantrums and my partner’s impatient glares. I usually do a quick scan and buy one to two items from the dept store or mall after my trip from the supermarket.

Finds from Robinsons Supermarket side trips

 Skirt, 5th AVE.

Skinny belts from SAMPLE ROOM at P50 each!!!

From SM Supermarket (Cubao) side trip 

Coco Cabana has a display by the Supermarket lobby. Yey!

Green + White light cardigan for chilly nights at the beach

Long, Button-down, Chiffon Cover Up. Can also be used as a shirt paired with stove-pipe jeans. Winner din ang cream and green versions but I ran out of sizes.

SM Megamall, side trip buy while I was sourcing for a project. 


Primadonna Summer Sandals

This is also a gaya-gaya purchase. My friend was wearing this while we were sourcing and I asked her permission if it’s ok if i buy for myself. Wala naman sya choice. Her pair’s in black, got the tan one para di naman kami twins.

So if you guys need me to run an errand for you, just give me a call. 🙂

Baclaran Day

Posted: March 29, 2012 in Excessories, when broke

Found myself in the middle of Baclaran one Friday with my mom and our friend Boyet. Since I’m  there na rin so I decided to take a look around and check out the merchandise. Sadly, there’s not much fashion finds in the area so if you wanna go bargain hunting, Divi is still king. Of course, ayaw ko umuwi ng luhaan so I saw to it that I take a few stuff home with me. Nandun na rin ako, so might as well…

Some finds from Baclaran:

Orange/Blue/Gold Cuff P100

I was wearing a 4-inch wedge that time so I needed emergency shoes.

Polka Dot Loafer P100 (note: wear at your own risk, sakit sa sole at nag-RIP na sya a of this writing)

Plastic Owl Cuff  P80

Rings P50 each, hassle can’t find the diamond.

These earrings are my favorite, originally priced at 3 for 100 but was able to haggle for P25 each!

I was also able to buy denim shorts for P100 from the street bangketa but when i tried it at home masikip ang left leg. Awaaard!


Note: Baclaran is not the place for bargain clothes, unless size 23 ang waistline mo ans size XXS ka, wala ka talaga makikita dun na kasya. Nakaka insecure mamili ng clothes dun kasi feeling mo plus size ka na. I think clothes in Baclaran were made for women with child-like bodies so best mag Divi na lang tayo.


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Animal prints are all over.  Elitist snobs would say it’s baduy since it’s gone mainstream but not for me. I love, love animal prints  and I’m so happy that they can be found just about anywhere. Besides, they were never exclusive, so excuse me , di sila baduy. It’s how you wear them that will make or break these kind of prints.

I used to say that  I love leopard prints but when I did my inventory, I noticed that not all my prints are the same. Then I remembered that there’s another cat print that’s as popular as the leopard – Cheetah. So before we compliment some random girl on her super cute animal print anything, best we review the difference. Simple lang.

It’s all in the spots. Cheetahs have simple black spots, while leopards have a more complex pattern.

Can you spot the difference now?


Sharing with you some of my cheetah and leopard hunts:

Clockwise : Cheetah Pendant (CMG), A hamper full of cats (scarves, tops, cardigan),  Bag (CMG),  Top (F21)

F21 Summer Tank Top, Mom’s paper bag from Divi, Cheetah Print Frames

So keep your eyes open for these animal prints para mas masaya ang closet nyo. Believe me, they’re EVERYWHERE.


Just when I thought na hopeless case na ang Robinsons Department store when it comes to finds, found these fab accessories in one corner by the escalator. The brand is called Vanity Accessories – winner ang selections nya plus everything is less than P400!

Looky here!

So happy to find this necklace. I just pinned a similar design on my Pinterest board. The one I found online costs around $150 from the House of Harlow, sa Robinsons it’s just Php 200 plus! Super find talaga!

This is my favorite piece. Feeling ko gold medalist ako when I’m wearing this.

This is gorgeous, upgrades your pambahay top. Wear this and you can face the world. Chos!

Found the same ring from Etsy at $3.50. Bought this ring at P120. Happiness!!! Meow!

Quick Post

Super saya ko when I saw this stall inside the supermarket. I’ve been craving for decent and reasonably priced  sushi and sashimi (fastfood sushi looks suspicious).

I love the stall’s name SUSHI and SASHIMI. So direct to the point!

Since I’m the only one  at home craving for sushi, a  4-piece platter of the same kind is too much plus I want a little of everything so when I saw their tingi scheme I silently exclaimed WINNER! The sushi’s sized just right plus the seafood tops are brightly colored so they look more appetizing than those pathetic displays you see in fastfood.

Parang brownies lang!

Tamago Sushi is at 25 each and the rest at P35.

Drop by Sushi and Sashimi stall at Shopwise Libis