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Recently had a visit to the dentist. As usual na sermonan na naman ako for my nicotine stains. I can hear her “tsks” despite the shrilly sound of the scraper. She made bola and said i have perfectly shaped teeth and would look better if I quit smoking.  Hmmm… deadma.

I guess she noticed that her warnings have no effect on me so she just offered me the next best thing. HAPPEE TOOTHPASTE GUMTECT. If i can’t quit smoking at least daw I should make an effort to lessen the damage.
My dentist said it will not give me pearly white teeth but at least will take care of my gums and make it “healthier” than its current state.I tried it and so far so good. Taste is not weird at all like those expensive, imported gum toothpastes. It’s minty fresh so no adjustment in taste and sensation. It’s Filipino made so in a way we’re helping the economy and best of all a tube costs less than a hundred bucks. I don’t really know if it’s effective but at least there’s a slight effort to take care of my gums.

Smoking or not, give your gums extra loving care coz gums ,unlike our pearly whites, will stick with us ’til the end. 😀


Discovered this brand from a shoe blog — Excshoesme. When I saw the shoes she was rocking, I knew I had to try on those pairs pronto! Immediately had an episode of the shopping itch upon seeing those photos and sacrificed my lunch break for a quick trip to Le Landmark. It was love at first sight.

The rest they say, is history.


Carmellettes has been in the market since 1978. They have their own multiply site but I suggest you check out their shoes in the flesh for better appreciation. Stalls are located at select departments stores. Price range is at 1-2K.

Coco, my mom’s adorable mini pinscher had an operation (vasectomy = ouch!). The vet prescribed this ointment to heal his cut. It’s not really a pet product. I was told it’s used for people post-surgery to promote healing of the wound. My son then was suffering from intense diaper rash with cuts that all the Desitins in this world could not treat. Tried this ointment on his red blister-y rashes and voilà! the wound, the redness and tenderness were gone in less than 8 hours. Yey!

PS: Not for daily use!

Not sure how long this craze with brogues will last. I just love its structured look and those cute perforated leather with small holes. I know a few who have a vast collection of this type of shoe. As for me, I can’t seem to rock this trend. I’ve had a few pairs over the years but  i always end up giving them away. There’s something awkward about it when i wear these shoes. I’ve come to accept the fact that it’s not bagay and a total waste of money. That is until i saw this cute pair in SAMPLE ROOM. Found these babies under the teeny weenie shorts display. First i saw the gray ones, caught my eye for a minute and moved on, then I was met with black and white version, my thought balloon –“yawn!”.  Just when i was about to exit the store, i was met by this red pair under the belts section. I had to take a double look and secretly exclaimed “Cuuuuute”.  I was discouraging myself from trying it on knowing that it won’t look good on me but I was drawn by its color and had to try it on. I did and was still having second thoughts. I think the sales consultant read what’s going on in my mind so she immediately exclaimed…”mam 899 lang sya!” . Oh ganun ba? Go! Swipe. kthnxbye! haaaay!

My first department store treasure feature is this “leather” rectangular taupe bag with brown stitches running on the pocket from SM. It has a detachable strap and roomy interior. It also has a detachable pouch inside but I decided to discard it for it takes up space. Very Kate Spade in shape but not a wannabe Kate (aka imitation). Fits all my stuff and doesn’t have screaming logos, not sure if it’s leather but is sure smells like one.

The best part of it all? Got this baby at 50% off. Sweet!

Let’s hunt.

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Treasure huntress is an online documentation of various (very affordable) finds from my past and future shopping adventures. I’m no world traveler/shopper nor a holder of a platinum card. My savings account is pathetic but I believe I have a knack of finding “gems” even from your local palengke.

Come join the hunt.