If you can’t afford it, DIY it

Posted: August 16, 2011 in when broke

I know this is a shopping blog. I’m no heiress so definitely there will be days ( like now?) that I have to rest my cash and cards. Being low on gas does not necessarily mean I can’t have shiny new things though. What’s the second best thing after shopping? DIY, of course! It’s fun and it’s cheap san ka pa?

Below are  inspiring creations from all over the world, top 3 in my DIY to do list.

Inspiration #1 : Balmain Sequin Striped Pants (http://www.net-a-porter.com)


DIY Instruction here. c/o I SPY DIY

Inspiration #2 braided hex bracelet (http://www.gilesandbrother.com)

 step by step DIY  courtesy of  http://www.honestlywtf.com

DIY #3 – T-shirt Necklace. Easiest DIY ever! I’ve done this already but I plan to do more.

Photo and how to‘s courtesy of:  http://aprettypennyblog.com

I have other DIY projects in mind but for sure di kaya ng powers ko. 🙂

Do check out photos of DIY ideas from my favorite blog : A Pair and A Spare


I guess you’ll see me hanging out at Ace hardware for a while.

JUST DO IT! (yourself)

  1. lacey says:

    Galing naman nito!

  2. amai says:

    Let me know how the striped pair goes okay?!
    Subscriber here:)

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