Posted: March 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

Animal prints are all over.  Elitist snobs would say it’s baduy since it’s gone mainstream but not for me. I love, love animal prints  and I’m so happy that they can be found just about anywhere. Besides, they were never exclusive, so excuse me , di sila baduy. It’s how you wear them that will make or break these kind of prints.

I used to say that  I love leopard prints but when I did my inventory, I noticed that not all my prints are the same. Then I remembered that there’s another cat print that’s as popular as the leopard – Cheetah. So before we compliment some random girl on her super cute animal print anything, best we review the difference. Simple lang.

It’s all in the spots. Cheetahs have simple black spots, while leopards have a more complex pattern.

Can you spot the difference now?


Sharing with you some of my cheetah and leopard hunts:

Clockwise : Cheetah Pendant (CMG), A hamper full of cats (scarves, tops, cardigan),  Bag (CMG),  Top (F21)

F21 Summer Tank Top, Mom’s paper bag from Divi, Cheetah Print Frames

So keep your eyes open for these animal prints para mas masaya ang closet nyo. Believe me, they’re EVERYWHERE.


  1. emilingsan says:

    Want the necklace…. I can’ t pull off wearing animal prints…

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