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Baclaran Day

Posted: March 29, 2012 in Excessories, when broke

Found myself in the middle of Baclaran one Friday with my mom and our friend Boyet. Since I’m  there na rin so I decided to take a look around and check out the merchandise. Sadly, there’s not much fashion finds in the area so if you wanna go bargain hunting, Divi is still king. Of course, ayaw ko umuwi ng luhaan so I saw to it that I take a few stuff home with me. Nandun na rin ako, so might as well…

Some finds from Baclaran:

Orange/Blue/Gold Cuff P100

I was wearing a 4-inch wedge that time so I needed emergency shoes.

Polka Dot Loafer P100 (note: wear at your own risk, sakit sa sole at nag-RIP na sya a of this writing)

Plastic Owl Cuff  P80

Rings P50 each, hassle can’t find the diamond.

These earrings are my favorite, originally priced at 3 for 100 but was able to haggle for P25 each!

I was also able to buy denim shorts for P100 from the street bangketa but when i tried it at home masikip ang left leg. Awaaard!


Note: Baclaran is not the place for bargain clothes, unless size 23 ang waistline mo ans size XXS ka, wala ka talaga makikita dun na kasya. Nakaka insecure mamili ng clothes dun kasi feeling mo plus size ka na. I think clothes in Baclaran were made for women with child-like bodies so best mag Divi na lang tayo.


Saudi Girl

Posted: September 2, 2011 in Excessories

I’m a SAUDI Girl.

I love love gold!


What’s not to love with gold? It enhances my color. It upgrades my entire look even on my  “basahan look” days. Best of all, people won’t mistake me as Dylan’s yaya (hay naku! si yaya idol ang tshirt and shorts look ko so minsan pareho kami….grrr!)!!! .

Sharing with you my saudi girl guide to wearing gold:

A. Always mix costume jewelry with the real thing, para you won’t feel like a cheap xmas tree, may konting feeling of luxe pa rin when you go out. Tipid tip: can’t afford a trip to the jeweler? go to pawnshops you’ll be surprised at the chica pieces you’ll find. 

B. The more the merrier. Not only does it look fun, it’s also for your own safety kasi pag nakita ka nung snatcher, with his limited timeframe, ma-coconfuse sya sa dami ng choices na pwede kunin sayo. He’ll let you pass and will instead target that girl wearing a single strand necklace.

C. Best body part to play up is the wrist. It’s far from your face so di sya agaw eksena yet makes your entire look more interesting.

D. High-Low. Fun formulas to play with GOLD + MILITARY, GOLD + PLASTIC, GOLD+LEATHER or all of the above.


E. The best source: your mom’s or lola’s jewelry box. If you’re in your late 20’s or 30’s, your parent’s prime would probably be sometime within  the late 70’s and 80’s, the era of excess. You’re sure to find the most interesting gold pieces there arborin mo na!. Check out the interesting treasures my friend Chikkapedia unearthed from his lola’s jewelry case here.

F. Avoid sets. Baka matawag kang tita or madam, gusto mo ba yun? Avoid matchy matchy as much as possible.

G. Collect quirky pieces. Scour divi, Regina’s , f21. Try SM’s children’s department, they have cute pieces that will pass for quirky. Online, I’m drooling over MR. DANNIJO pieces. Waiting for a mass producer to get inspiration from these so I can finally afford them.
Of course no Saudi Girl is ever complete without the quintessential denim jacket.
PS: that’s me wearing my oldest denim jacket and latest treasure finds from SM’s long weekend sale. WWW isdabest!

I’m forever finding ways to make my stuff look exciting and new again.

My current obsession is strategically stacking my wrists with a variety arm candies, no matchy matchy. Got my inspiration from The Man Repeller’s site ,she calls them ARM PARTIES. Now, that’s the kind of party  I can definitely do! I also found a simple  how to guide  from my favorite DIY blog.

Here are my versions:



Start your own arm party now!

So friends, ilabas na ang mga swatch watches and friendship bracelets na tinago nyo nung 90’s, the charm bracelets you find baduy now and those chain bracelets your ex-boyfriends gave you. Reunion na ito!

I’m an animal lover. I love wearing them.

Animal accessories is one way to quirk up your accessories collection.

For me, it’s more interesting than those dainty  flowers and hearts.

Meet my pets.

animal charm bracelet from waaaay back.

gold butterfly earrings from my mom’s stash

lion cuff from bazaar

snake connector from Sample Room, Galleria (<200!)

owls from Sample Room Galleria (100-ish)

bunny rabbit from Rebel Gear  50th Ave. (100-ish)

IPIS!!!!  rebel gear 50th ave. (200)

Zebra pendant, definitely less than P100 at Regina’s greenhills.

Adopt a pet now.

Shopping Tips: For unique and affordable animal pieces best place to go to are Rebel Gear and Reginas. Rebel Gear seems like a men’s hiphop and rasta accessories store inside Robinson’s Galleria’s 50th Ave. area, 3floor. Head straight to the cashier’s table, they have a small estante with one of a kind knuckle pieces. Regina’s is always full of surprises. They have a few brass finish animal pendants at less than P100. We’ll if wala na for sure you’ll find something to buy at Regina’s.