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My son drinks milk like a fish so our unscheduled supermarket trips have been more frequent lately. I secretly look forward to buying emergency milk because it gives me alone time to shop and look for interesting finds without having to worry about my son’s tantrums and my partner’s impatient glares. I usually do a quick scan and buy one to two items from the dept store or mall after my trip from the supermarket.

Finds from Robinsons Supermarket side trips

 Skirt, 5th AVE.

Skinny belts from SAMPLE ROOM at P50 each!!!

From SM Supermarket (Cubao) side trip 

Coco Cabana has a display by the Supermarket lobby. Yey!

Green + White light cardigan for chilly nights at the beach

Long, Button-down, Chiffon Cover Up. Can also be used as a shirt paired with stove-pipe jeans. Winner din ang cream and green versions but I ran out of sizes.

SM Megamall, side trip buy while I was sourcing for a project. 


Primadonna Summer Sandals

This is also a gaya-gaya purchase. My friend was wearing this while we were sourcing and I asked her permission if it’s ok if i buy for myself. Wala naman sya choice. Her pair’s in black, got the tan one para di naman kami twins.

So if you guys need me to run an errand for you, just give me a call. 🙂



I don’t know if you guys know this word but I grew up using this to refer to ABUBOT.  I love abubots. I thank the Japanese guys for bringing in Saizen and Japan Home Center in Manila. I can spend hours and hours  there just checking out the kuchi-kuchis.

Before the Saizens and Japan Home Centers of this world there’s REGINA’s gift shop. Regina’s is the original kuchi-kuchi haven in my book.

I grew up frequenting REGINA‘s gift shop in Greenhills. Since the time I learned how to cut classes commute  from school on my own, Greenhills has always been my instant go to place when I’m bored. Back in high school, I remember how I’d save up my weekly allowance to hoard on those quilted laura ashley-esque printed bags with matching wallet and clear transparent picture holders to hold our wallet sized photos from Belles Studio (then we’d go to Greenlanes or sneak in Tia Marias after for pa-cute time/ boy watching). I had quite a collection then – of bags, not boys. It was also the go to place for those 500ml bottles of Nenuco, Denenes, S3 and Gotas De Oro colognes, Tiger Beat, scrunchies and trapper keepers (numa-90’s no?). Regina’s was my favorite shop then for my allowance can not afford to buy abubots at Gift Gate and Tickles all the time.

Cut to today, ayun may Regina’s pa rin and still marami pa rin finds…HAPPINESS!

Check out my loot from Regina’s

For Dylan:

cute briefs for potty training 3 for P100

toy story wannabe toys  P200/full set


the hypnotic disco light P200++ (see earlier post) & boxer shorts P59 or P69 ea. (in the laundry bin na)

For MoME

 Zara Scarf; quite pricey at P270

(nice fabric! comes in green/white  and navy/white)

note: they have other animal prints and polka dots as well, P100 ea. 

A feather, a bird  and an elephant  all at P99.

My title says Irresistible TempatationS — take note of the  S.  So here’s part 2 of the story…

I felt so guilty after my JC 99 purchase so I decided to do some walking to convince myself I did the right thing. Entered Primadonna shoe shop to try their boots to prove how worth it my new buy was. Mine had better quality, height.. blah blah blah.

Feeling better, on my way out the store my eye caught these open-toe  Ann Demeulmeester-esque  sandal boots similar to Jane Alridge’s pair in Sea of Shoes.

It’s not the same as the real thing but it felt good when i tried them on.  So guess what happened next?



In summary:

Went to SM’s Fashion Forum to see  the Jeffrey Campbell pairs for myself. I’m amazed at how everyone I see online are raving about this brand. When i saw the famous FOXYs and LITAS,  I was star strucked by their  awesomeness                                 ( I swear, para akong nakakita ng celebs!) but intimidated by their height.


Good luck  if I can carry those. I know it’s gonna be the most impractical buy.That’s why I was so proud of myself for saying “Pass!” to those lovely pairs. (Besides, medyo di na sila age appropriate for me.) My proud moment did not last 5 minutes though for I saw the JC 99 Tie in one quiet corner.

I tried to ignore them but my conscience reminded me that it has all the qualities of my current shoe obsession: wedge, laces, height, leather…. shuuuucks!  I told the sales person that I needed time to think about it, if I come back then that means I really want it. Guess what? Never left the area. Went straight to the counter right after I tried them on. I’m a 9 and the last pair was an 8. I slipped my foot in and like Cinderella, the pair was a perfect fit    — MFEO! Ayun off to the counter… installment please! I HAVE NO SELF CONTROL.

Not sure how long this craze with brogues will last. I just love its structured look and those cute perforated leather with small holes. I know a few who have a vast collection of this type of shoe. As for me, I can’t seem to rock this trend. I’ve had a few pairs over the years but  i always end up giving them away. There’s something awkward about it when i wear these shoes. I’ve come to accept the fact that it’s not bagay and a total waste of money. That is until i saw this cute pair in SAMPLE ROOM. Found these babies under the teeny weenie shorts display. First i saw the gray ones, caught my eye for a minute and moved on, then I was met with black and white version, my thought balloon –“yawn!”.  Just when i was about to exit the store, i was met by this red pair under the belts section. I had to take a double look and secretly exclaimed “Cuuuuute”.  I was discouraging myself from trying it on knowing that it won’t look good on me but I was drawn by its color and had to try it on. I did and was still having second thoughts. I think the sales consultant read what’s going on in my mind so she immediately exclaimed…”mam 899 lang sya!” . Oh ganun ba? Go! Swipe. kthnxbye! haaaay!