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Quick Post

Super saya ko when I saw this stall inside the supermarket. I’ve been craving for decent and reasonably priced  sushi and sashimi (fastfood sushi looks suspicious).

I love the stall’s name SUSHI and SASHIMI. So direct to the point!

Since I’m the only one  at home craving for sushi, a  4-piece platter of the same kind is too much plus I want a little of everything so when I saw their tingi scheme I silently exclaimed WINNER! The sushi’s sized just right plus the seafood tops are brightly colored so they look more appetizing than those pathetic displays you see in fastfood.

Parang brownies lang!

Tamago Sushi is at 25 each and the rest at P35.

Drop by Sushi and Sashimi stall at Shopwise Libis


Interesting finds from CD-R king

Posted: September 17, 2011 in mommy finds

CD-R king is an impulsive buyer’s haven. You’ll find lot’s of unnecessary stuff yet you can easily justify your purchase because useful naman sila, in fair.

Aside from that,these stuff, if you’re not bothered with the prominent branding & stubborn warranty sticker, will pass for cute naman. I wouldn’t mind receiving xmas present brought from this store. (ehem– hello friends!)

Here are some of the interesting items I found in their website:

USB Cooler P680; fits one soda can.

  USB Fan Php 350

One of my favorites, USB cassette converter! Php 780

(Now, I regret throwing our cassette collection.)

I’m planning to get this to replace Dylan’s disco ball — USB Plasma ball, Php 250

Cute cute compact ref. Php 1380 – holds 4 liters

I like the classic white version

For your OC friends… USB Mini Vacuum Cleaner Php 60!

There’s such a thing as an ULTRASONIC Cleaner pala! It’s usually for cleaning lenses and watches, only Php 990.

 CD-R King is not just about gadgets and appliances, it cares about your  personal grooming as well!

Clockwise: nose hair trimmer, mani pedi tool set, eyebrow trimmer and my favorite, heated curlash! P120 each.

As of this writing,haven’t bought any of these items except for the eyebrow trimmer. The line and payment/ordering process in CDR-king is a different story. Di sya masaya. 😦

Photos grabbed from

small wonders

Posted: September 6, 2011 in mommy finds
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They say it’s more practical to buy products in big packs, they call it economy size. If you compute per ml, yes, you save a few pesos but I don’t believe it’s really practical.

First, big packs are more prone to wastage. Take hand sanitizers for example, if you carry a big bottle or a regular-sized bottle pag humigi friends mo buhos kung buhos (sana naghugas na lang sya  ng kamay no?). Hand them your mini bottle you’ll notice that they’re satisfied with a pea-sized drop. Next, if the product is not ok, you have no choice but to consume it all before switching to another product kasi sayang. Lastly,I’m sure you guys have gigantic bottles of Kirkland supplements. Either pasalubong or you hoarded them yourself  from your last US vacay. I received a jar of calcium supplements when I was pregnant. I still have half a jar and my son is four years old.

I have a weakness for small packs. Aside from their innate cuteness, they give more value for money for fickle users like me.    I’m no brand loyalist so trial sizes are just perfect.


Things you don’t use everyday: clay | petroleum jelly | iodine solution

Trying to cut down?  — puff less!

  Travel perfumes 1/4 (or less!) the actual price.| No fail gift from friends: bath and body works hand sanitizer |Lotion- comes free with Melt Stress Away variant

FREE Stuff! Acca Kappa soap and Clinique moisturizer

These mini stuff are best for traveling as well no need to transfer in small bottles and di mo na mamasamain if you leave them behind. Speaking of travels, I’m sure most of you are guilty of taking home those cute toiletries from your hotel room.

Mouthwash from HK and a bar of soap (running low on hotel supplies, must travel soon!)

My pantry has a few mini packs as well. So cuuute!

I don’t bake but I heard these are pantry must-haves


Magic Flakes and Friends


Discovered this cute munchy at a wake. Perfect for PMS cravings.

Cute! Cute! Cute!

Oh Behave!

Posted: July 9, 2011 in mommy finds
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My son has bad sleeping habits. We usually sleep late… We go to bed around 10PM then SLEEP around 4AM. Malas ko lang his dad is a deep sleeper so who ends up awake with my son? Sino pa ba???

Okay lang if we’re in bed from 10-4am but noooooo! Dylans like to run around the room and tinker with my things so I can’t just let  him be. Finally, I found a solution that will make him stay still and behave til he falls asleep.

Introducing… the disco ball! The lights have this hypnotic vibe that makes him stop and relax then a few minutes after ayun tulog na sya! I love this thing and it only costs 240 bucks at Regina’s. 🙂

See how my Dylan’s drawn to the light.

A few more minutes and it’s bedtime.

Recently had a visit to the dentist. As usual na sermonan na naman ako for my nicotine stains. I can hear her “tsks” despite the shrilly sound of the scraper. She made bola and said i have perfectly shaped teeth and would look better if I quit smoking.  Hmmm… deadma.

I guess she noticed that her warnings have no effect on me so she just offered me the next best thing. HAPPEE TOOTHPASTE GUMTECT. If i can’t quit smoking at least daw I should make an effort to lessen the damage.
My dentist said it will not give me pearly white teeth but at least will take care of my gums and make it “healthier” than its current state.I tried it and so far so good. Taste is not weird at all like those expensive, imported gum toothpastes. It’s minty fresh so no adjustment in taste and sensation. It’s Filipino made so in a way we’re helping the economy and best of all a tube costs less than a hundred bucks. I don’t really know if it’s effective but at least there’s a slight effort to take care of my gums.

Smoking or not, give your gums extra loving care coz gums ,unlike our pearly whites, will stick with us ’til the end. 😀

Coco, my mom’s adorable mini pinscher had an operation (vasectomy = ouch!). The vet prescribed this ointment to heal his cut. It’s not really a pet product. I was told it’s used for people post-surgery to promote healing of the wound. My son then was suffering from intense diaper rash with cuts that all the Desitins in this world could not treat. Tried this ointment on his red blister-y rashes and voilà! the wound, the redness and tenderness were gone in less than 8 hours. Yey!

PS: Not for daily use!