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This entry was supposed to be about me being preggers and prioritizing comfort over fashion without succumbing to dowdiness. A bit of sad news though, last week I had a miscarriage so goodbye to preggy related shopping entries except for this and my next entry.

You see, I kinda went gaga shoe shopping as soon as I saw the 2 red lines on my pregnancy kit. In a span of 10 short weeks I was able to buy 4 pairs from my favorite department store.  I’ve learned my lesson from my previous pregnancies and vowed never to wear havaianas and uncomfortable but cuuuute flats again — first, di bagay sa outfits ko and second, they emphasize your manas feet! That’s when granny sandals came to mind. I figured, grannies have a lot in common with pregnant women aside from big tummies and cranky attitude, they can rock the manas ankle so well that they pass for adorable.

Here are my pegs:

Di ba? How Lola can you get?  I also found out na hindi pala nahihibang ang fashion sense ko because apparently, granny sandals are kinda back and on-trend (well…nung 2010 pa pala sa first world) as seen on these chica girls.

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Aside from those ladies, even my favorite anti it IT Girl, mareng Alexa Chung, is also into granny sandals! Apir!

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Since there’s no Worishofer brand here and my Clarks and Bass trips were unsuccessful, I found myself scouring the ever reliable store for all seasons… SM , san pa?! In this haven I found inspired pieces closest to my pegs in terms of comfort and form.    Note: They’re not as comfy as your lola’s step ins but they’ll take you farther than those super flat non-preggy sandals.

Here are my finds (warning! unpedicured toes exposed):

Found out that there are a lot of  lola sandal-wearing customers my size so I got some of the pairs from as far as SM Marikina. Also marami rin pala mahilig sa black so I’m left with brown, tan and red.  Should you take interest in checking their granny inspired pieces, you won’t find them on primary display, they are usually near the big feet and tsinelas section.
Best part: all are priced below P500. Go! Go! Go!

My title says Irresistible TempatationS — take note of the  S.  So here’s part 2 of the story…

I felt so guilty after my JC 99 purchase so I decided to do some walking to convince myself I did the right thing. Entered Primadonna shoe shop to try their boots to prove how worth it my new buy was. Mine had better quality, height.. blah blah blah.

Feeling better, on my way out the store my eye caught these open-toe  Ann Demeulmeester-esque  sandal boots similar to Jane Alridge’s pair in Sea of Shoes.

It’s not the same as the real thing but it felt good when i tried them on.  So guess what happened next?



In summary:

Discovered this brand from a shoe blog — Excshoesme. When I saw the shoes she was rocking, I knew I had to try on those pairs pronto! Immediately had an episode of the shopping itch upon seeing those photos and sacrificed my lunch break for a quick trip to Le Landmark. It was love at first sight.

The rest they say, is history.


Carmellettes has been in the market since 1978. They have their own multiply site but I suggest you check out their shoes in the flesh for better appreciation. Stalls are located at select departments stores. Price range is at 1-2K.