This entry was supposed to be about me being preggers and prioritizing comfort over fashion without succumbing to dowdiness. A bit of sad news though, last week I had a miscarriage so goodbye to preggy related shopping entries except for this and my next entry.

You see, I kinda went gaga shoe shopping as soon as I saw the 2 red lines on my pregnancy kit. In a span of 10 short weeks I was able to buy 4 pairs from my favorite department store.  I’ve learned my lesson from my previous pregnancies and vowed never to wear havaianas and uncomfortable but cuuuute flats again — first, di bagay sa outfits ko and second, they emphasize your manas feet! That’s when granny sandals came to mind. I figured, grannies have a lot in common with pregnant women aside from big tummies and cranky attitude, they can rock the manas ankle so well that they pass for adorable.

Here are my pegs:

Di ba? How Lola can you get?  I also found out na hindi pala nahihibang ang fashion sense ko because apparently, granny sandals are kinda back and on-trend (well…nung 2010 pa pala sa first world) as seen on these chica girls.

Source: see full article

Aside from those ladies, even my favorite anti it IT Girl, mareng Alexa Chung, is also into granny sandals! Apir!

Source / See Full Article here.

Since there’s no Worishofer brand here and my Clarks and Bass trips were unsuccessful, I found myself scouring the ever reliable store for all seasons… SM , san pa?! In this haven I found inspired pieces closest to my pegs in terms of comfort and form.    Note: They’re not as comfy as your lola’s step ins but they’ll take you farther than those super flat non-preggy sandals.

Here are my finds (warning! unpedicured toes exposed):

Found out that there are a lot of  lola sandal-wearing customers my size so I got some of the pairs from as far as SM Marikina. Also marami rin pala mahilig sa black so I’m left with brown, tan and red.  Should you take interest in checking their granny inspired pieces, you won’t find them on primary display, they are usually near the big feet and tsinelas section.
Best part: all are priced below P500. Go! Go! Go!

Interesting finds from CD-R king

Posted: September 17, 2011 in mommy finds

CD-R king is an impulsive buyer’s haven. You’ll find lot’s of unnecessary stuff yet you can easily justify your purchase because useful naman sila, in fair.

Aside from that,these stuff, if you’re not bothered with the prominent branding & stubborn warranty sticker, will pass for cute naman. I wouldn’t mind receiving xmas present brought from this store. (ehem– hello friends!)

Here are some of the interesting items I found in their website:

USB Cooler P680; fits one soda can.

  USB Fan Php 350

One of my favorites, USB cassette converter! Php 780

(Now, I regret throwing our cassette collection.)

I’m planning to get this to replace Dylan’s disco ball — USB Plasma ball, Php 250

Cute cute compact ref. Php 1380 – holds 4 liters

I like the classic white version

For your OC friends… USB Mini Vacuum Cleaner Php 60!

There’s such a thing as an ULTRASONIC Cleaner pala! It’s usually for cleaning lenses and watches, only Php 990.

 CD-R King is not just about gadgets and appliances, it cares about your  personal grooming as well!

Clockwise: nose hair trimmer, mani pedi tool set, eyebrow trimmer and my favorite, heated curlash! P120 each.

As of this writing,haven’t bought any of these items except for the eyebrow trimmer. The line and payment/ordering process in CDR-king is a different story. Di sya masaya. 😦

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small wonders

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They say it’s more practical to buy products in big packs, they call it economy size. If you compute per ml, yes, you save a few pesos but I don’t believe it’s really practical.

First, big packs are more prone to wastage. Take hand sanitizers for example, if you carry a big bottle or a regular-sized bottle pag humigi friends mo buhos kung buhos (sana naghugas na lang sya  ng kamay no?). Hand them your mini bottle you’ll notice that they’re satisfied with a pea-sized drop. Next, if the product is not ok, you have no choice but to consume it all before switching to another product kasi sayang. Lastly,I’m sure you guys have gigantic bottles of Kirkland supplements. Either pasalubong or you hoarded them yourself  from your last US vacay. I received a jar of calcium supplements when I was pregnant. I still have half a jar and my son is four years old.

I have a weakness for small packs. Aside from their innate cuteness, they give more value for money for fickle users like me.    I’m no brand loyalist so trial sizes are just perfect.


Things you don’t use everyday: clay | petroleum jelly | iodine solution

Trying to cut down?  — puff less!

  Travel perfumes 1/4 (or less!) the actual price.| No fail gift from friends: bath and body works hand sanitizer |Lotion- comes free with Melt Stress Away variant

FREE Stuff! Acca Kappa soap and Clinique moisturizer

These mini stuff are best for traveling as well no need to transfer in small bottles and di mo na mamasamain if you leave them behind. Speaking of travels, I’m sure most of you are guilty of taking home those cute toiletries from your hotel room.

Mouthwash from HK and a bar of soap (running low on hotel supplies, must travel soon!)

My pantry has a few mini packs as well. So cuuute!

I don’t bake but I heard these are pantry must-haves


Magic Flakes and Friends


Discovered this cute munchy at a wake. Perfect for PMS cravings.

Cute! Cute! Cute!

Saudi Girl

Posted: September 2, 2011 in Excessories

I’m a SAUDI Girl.

I love love gold!


What’s not to love with gold? It enhances my color. It upgrades my entire look even on my  “basahan look” days. Best of all, people won’t mistake me as Dylan’s yaya (hay naku! si yaya idol ang tshirt and shorts look ko so minsan pareho kami….grrr!)!!! .

Sharing with you my saudi girl guide to wearing gold:

A. Always mix costume jewelry with the real thing, para you won’t feel like a cheap xmas tree, may konting feeling of luxe pa rin when you go out. Tipid tip: can’t afford a trip to the jeweler? go to pawnshops you’ll be surprised at the chica pieces you’ll find. 

B. The more the merrier. Not only does it look fun, it’s also for your own safety kasi pag nakita ka nung snatcher, with his limited timeframe, ma-coconfuse sya sa dami ng choices na pwede kunin sayo. He’ll let you pass and will instead target that girl wearing a single strand necklace.

C. Best body part to play up is the wrist. It’s far from your face so di sya agaw eksena yet makes your entire look more interesting.

D. High-Low. Fun formulas to play with GOLD + MILITARY, GOLD + PLASTIC, GOLD+LEATHER or all of the above.


E. The best source: your mom’s or lola’s jewelry box. If you’re in your late 20’s or 30’s, your parent’s prime would probably be sometime within  the late 70’s and 80’s, the era of excess. You’re sure to find the most interesting gold pieces there arborin mo na!. Check out the interesting treasures my friend Chikkapedia unearthed from his lola’s jewelry case here.

F. Avoid sets. Baka matawag kang tita or madam, gusto mo ba yun? Avoid matchy matchy as much as possible.

G. Collect quirky pieces. Scour divi, Regina’s , f21. Try SM’s children’s department, they have cute pieces that will pass for quirky. Online, I’m drooling over MR. DANNIJO pieces. Waiting for a mass producer to get inspiration from these so I can finally afford them.
Of course no Saudi Girl is ever complete without the quintessential denim jacket.
PS: that’s me wearing my oldest denim jacket and latest treasure finds from SM’s long weekend sale. WWW isdabest!

Treasure Huntress’ cousin

Posted: August 31, 2011 in plugging!, when broke

Meet my “cuz” Fin. Like me, she’s a serious bargain hunter.

I’ve been ukay shopping for years– Baguio,Bambang,Quiapo Cubao, Kalentong, I’ve seen them all. I thought I’ve reached that level of thrifting expertise that I can make ukay shopping tours as an alternative career. That’s how  yabang confident I was with my ukay skills until I met this girl. Ibang level sha!

Fin has been to ukay havens I’ve never heard of and she never fails to impress with her finds. What’s more impressive is that she wears those outfits (head to toe + accessories even!) so well you’ll be surprised that they’re thrifted.

She’s such an ukay whiz that she was able to earn extra income with her talent. What started as a weekend tent in front of her boyfriend’s apartment has now leveled up to an online and physical store. So happy for her (and her ever supportive BF)!

Here are my favorite pieces from her collection:

She’s an animal-lover too!

Kailangan ganito ang pagpose pag suot mo to!

Umo-audrey hepburn look.

Two ways to shop:

1. visit:

2. trek to their physical store at 1st Level, Anonas Commercial Complex, No.3 Anonas Rd, Proj. 3, QC

Follow ilovevntg at twitter for new stocks. @ilovevntg

They’re on sale btw, from Sept. 1-3 all items at 50% off. Go! Go! Go!

I’m forever finding ways to make my stuff look exciting and new again.

My current obsession is strategically stacking my wrists with a variety arm candies, no matchy matchy. Got my inspiration from The Man Repeller’s site ,she calls them ARM PARTIES. Now, that’s the kind of party  I can definitely do! I also found a simple  how to guide  from my favorite DIY blog.

Here are my versions:



Start your own arm party now!

So friends, ilabas na ang mga swatch watches and friendship bracelets na tinago nyo nung 90’s, the charm bracelets you find baduy now and those chain bracelets your ex-boyfriends gave you. Reunion na ito!