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I’m an animal lover. I love wearing them.

Animal accessories is one way to quirk up your accessories collection.

For me, it’s more interesting than those dainty  flowers and hearts.

Meet my pets.

animal charm bracelet from waaaay back.

gold butterfly earrings from my mom’s stash

lion cuff from bazaar

snake connector from Sample Room, Galleria (<200!)

owls from Sample Room Galleria (100-ish)

bunny rabbit from Rebel Gear  50th Ave. (100-ish)

IPIS!!!!  rebel gear 50th ave. (200)

Zebra pendant, definitely less than P100 at Regina’s greenhills.

Adopt a pet now.

Shopping Tips: For unique and affordable animal pieces best place to go to are Rebel Gear and Reginas. Rebel Gear seems like a men’s hiphop and rasta accessories store inside Robinson’s Galleria’s 50th Ave. area, 3floor. Head straight to the cashier’s table, they have a small estante with one of a kind knuckle pieces. Regina’s is always full of surprises. They have a few brass finish animal pendants at less than P100. We’ll if wala na for sure you’ll find something to buy at Regina’s. 


Nope. Not being senti here, I’m referring to accessories. Those little cute things that make your outfit complete. Like shoes, they do not discriminate. You can wear them on your most awesome day or your fattest day. I don’t leave the house without them. Makalimutan ko na cellphone ko wag lang burloloy ko. 🙂

Now, here comes the conflict with my earlier statement. As much as I recognize their importance, accessories for me are like flings. They’re fun to be with and will not require you to commit. These babies will make you feel great about yourself but it’s no biggie if you lose them along the way. That’s why I don’t invest so much money on them. My shopping agenda does not always include accessories, it’s a nice to have but not necessarily a must have. It’s like that rack by the supermarket’s checkout counter. You’ve completed your grocery list but you can’t resist picking up those breath mints packed in that cute tin can or that Kitkat with an unusual flavor. You don’t need them but they make you smile so, why not?

My current flings:

stud earrings set of 3 for P75 only!

P100, not bad!

lock and key earrings for a lucky friend P25 lang!

 black “leather”  with gold plate & grey “leather” with gold studs wrist bands  for  P200 ea.


knuckle rings less than P200!


etc. for Ph100-150.

Find all these by the cashier’s area at SAMPLE ROOM in Robinson’s Galleria.

My first department store treasure feature is this “leather” rectangular taupe bag with brown stitches running on the pocket from SM. It has a detachable strap and roomy interior. It also has a detachable pouch inside but I decided to discard it for it takes up space. Very Kate Spade in shape but not a wannabe Kate (aka imitation). Fits all my stuff and doesn’t have screaming logos, not sure if it’s leather but is sure smells like one.

The best part of it all? Got this baby at 50% off. Sweet!