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My son drinks milk like a fish so our unscheduled supermarket trips have been more frequent lately. I secretly look forward to buying emergency milk because it gives me alone time to shop and look for interesting finds without having to worry about my son’s tantrums and my partner’s impatient glares. I usually do a quick scan and buy one to two items from the dept store or mall after my trip from the supermarket.

Finds from Robinsons Supermarket side trips

 Skirt, 5th AVE.

Skinny belts from SAMPLE ROOM at P50 each!!!

From SM Supermarket (Cubao) side trip 

Coco Cabana has a display by the Supermarket lobby. Yey!

Green + White light cardigan for chilly nights at the beach

Long, Button-down, Chiffon Cover Up. Can also be used as a shirt paired with stove-pipe jeans. Winner din ang cream and green versions but I ran out of sizes.

SM Megamall, side trip buy while I was sourcing for a project. 


Primadonna Summer Sandals

This is also a gaya-gaya purchase. My friend was wearing this while we were sourcing and I asked her permission if it’s ok if i buy for myself. Wala naman sya choice. Her pair’s in black, got the tan one para di naman kami twins.

So if you guys need me to run an errand for you, just give me a call. 🙂


Not sure how long this craze with brogues will last. I just love its structured look and those cute perforated leather with small holes. I know a few who have a vast collection of this type of shoe. As for me, I can’t seem to rock this trend. I’ve had a few pairs over the years but  i always end up giving them away. There’s something awkward about it when i wear these shoes. I’ve come to accept the fact that it’s not bagay and a total waste of money. That is until i saw this cute pair in SAMPLE ROOM. Found these babies under the teeny weenie shorts display. First i saw the gray ones, caught my eye for a minute and moved on, then I was met with black and white version, my thought balloon –“yawn!”.  Just when i was about to exit the store, i was met by this red pair under the belts section. I had to take a double look and secretly exclaimed “Cuuuuute”.  I was discouraging myself from trying it on knowing that it won’t look good on me but I was drawn by its color and had to try it on. I did and was still having second thoughts. I think the sales consultant read what’s going on in my mind so she immediately exclaimed…”mam 899 lang sya!” . Oh ganun ba? Go! Swipe. kthnxbye! haaaay!